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Dive Bombing With The D3A By Para_Bellum (Article #279 Page 1)

Dive Bombing With The D3A By Para_Bellum

Since the Pacific theater will provide us with ample opportunities for honing our skills in dive-bombing small, moving targets I thought I'd put together a small tutorial. As with all things IL2, practice makes perfect. But if you keep in mind a few things it might get a bit easier.

Here we are, flying across the vast expanses of the pacific ocean in our beautiful D3A, looking for a prey. BTW some of the stock skins in PF are bloody marvellous



We cruise along at 3500m, dipping our wings every now and then to spot the enemy. This is a good altitude for dive-bombing. Too low and you won't have time to set up your attack and correct your aim while getting blasted by flak, too high and it will be difficult to actually spot something down below.



Once an enemy ship is spotted we adjust our course to approach it from behind. This is very important. NEVER attack a ship from the side, your chances to hit will decrease enormously.

Approaching our target from the stern we take the protective cap off the sight (CTRL-d). Realizing you forgot to do that when perfectly lined up on your target and trying to look though it results in much anger... we want to avoid that...



GERONIMOOO!!! Errr... I mean BANZAI!!!

This is where the fun starts.

This is why we love flying those crates. As we pass our target we cut the throttle,
engage the dive brakes and roll the plane on the back.

This will do two things: prevent the nasty negative G forces when simply pushing the stick forward
and more importantly bring the target back into our view.



We continue pulling back the stick until we're in a vertical dive. Attacking a fast-moving ship from the bow has one big disadvantage. Due to the speed of the ship and our need to keep it in our sights our diving angle will get steeper and steeper. Not good. It is much easier to compensate for the ship's speed when attacking from the stern.



So let's pull the stick a bit more and when we have 'passed' the target roll the plane 180°.



Besides providing a good view on the target during the initial dive this manoeuvre will make it more difficult
for flak to hit us and hopefully shake off any pursuing fighters.

Since we're now within the final stages of our attack it's a good idea to check our diving angle.
A quick look to the side shows it looks very good.



The steeper your diving angle, the higher your bombing accuracy.

Now it's time to use the bomb sight. Shift-F1 will do the trick. IF you have taken off the protective cap before...



Looking good! In a 90° dive our bombs would hit right where the center of the sight is pointing at. The shallower your dive the bigger the distance from the actual point of impact to the centre of the sight. Since we are in a ca.80° dive our bombload will fall a bit short of the centre of the sight, so we have to compensate for this. If the target is moving we have to take that into account, too. KEEP YOUR FEET OFF THE RUDDER PEDALS! I mean it. When you use the rudder to center the sight on target your bombs will miss. Only use the ailerons and elevator.

For attacks on ships I release my bombs at about 500m-1000m. I hope you have set the bomb delay to 0, otherwise your bombs will harmlessly sink through the ship to the bottom of the sea...

The D3A is very stable during the dive and the dive brakes and fixed gear slow her down enough to carefully aim.



Bombs away! Now retract the dive brakes, pull on that stick and get out of there!! At this low altitude the light flak is absolutely deadly, so push the throttle forward and perform evasive action. Praying helps, too...



Direct Hit! Looks like it worked.

Now back home for a well-deserved Saki


Date & Time25-03-2007 00:00

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Nilen - 20-08-2015 10:14  
Thank you for this tutorial!
Me too I love bombing with the Val!
since the Daidalos team 4.12 update it is even easier besause we have the bombsight so it is easy to spot and aim targets
This tutorial has been made in 2007... 8 years ago!
IL2 is still a good sim thanks to the updades!

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