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Welcome to M4T

M4T Downloads

Downloads Browser

Campaigns, Missions, Mission Templates, Guides, Utilities

In this section you will find files suitable for use with all versions of IL-2 Forgotten Battles, Pacific Fighters and 1946. We have the most popular utilities available in Essential Files. These files have been upload by M4T members free, for your enjoyment, they take time and a lot of research in their development so please remember to leave a review of any files you download.

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Skin Downloads

Paint Schemes, Templates, Squadron Insignia, Skins Xtra

In this section you will find paint schemes categorised by aircraft type, Skins Xtra features Skin hacks (not mods) of aircraft cleverly skinned so as to appear like other aircraft

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MODS Downloads Browser

Campaigns, Missions, Paint Schemes

Files suitable for use with the modded versions of IL-2 1946, please read the site disclaimer before installing these files
When uploading files please be aware of the Terms and Conditions for hosting these files on M4T

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M4T Centre
Latest Files
1: DE_Normandy shipping 4132
2: DE_Bridge strike 4132
3: US_Ardennes clash 4132
4: DE_Vodostroy 4132
5: DE_Koshino 4132
6: Fleet Air Arm Pilot
7: DE_Metzbroek 4132
8: Liberation (La-5FN)
9: Harbours Battle
10: IL-2 1946 4.13.2 Dedicated Server Upgrade
11: IL-2 1946 4.13.2 Russian Language Upgrade
12: IL-2 1946 4.13.2 International Upgrade
13: RU_Pe2 dive bobm convoy 4132
14: DE_Katni 4132
15: RU_CCC Krugloe
16: DE_Nizhnie Vorota 4132
17: FI_Terijoki 4131
18: Solomon islands 1942
19: Turkey III
20: Intercept intruders
Latest Skins
1: Mossie HB-IMO
2: UPDATE TBD-1_VT-8_T-16_J.Waldron-H.F.Dobbs_Midway 1942
3: SeafireMkIII HMS Indefatigable Pacific 45
4: IL-2 1946 P-51D "MyBitchII" skin (ex Jane's WWII Fighters)
5: World War II Fighters P-51D "Sixgun Whore" skin v2
6: Postwar PB4Y-1s
7: Finnish Fokkers
8: MADCAT_B-24-140-C0 Pack
9: Sting_Bf110G2-4 Pack
10: Extracted I-185-71 skins
11: R-5 Madness!
12: CACW P-51's
13: 23rd Fighter Group P-40M/N
14: CACW P-40M/N
15: CACW B-25H
16: RAAF Boardman's Snifter
17: Desert B-25C
18: MH-6_MH-6E guardia Civil
19: 1 G4M2E_721Kokutai
20: P-47D-22 of the 58thFG New Guinea-Philippines 44-45
Latest Files 4 Mods
1: A-26 Invader - Indochina
2: AU-1 Corsair - Indochina
3: Hurricane night intruder over France HSFX
4: Caccia notturna - Italian nightfight HSFX
5: Viet Minh map Template
6: Tigers Over Indochina
7: RWD-14_PFAN_Chaco War
8: P-47N - 318th & 414th Fighter Group Le Sima 45
9: Black Gold of Borneo
10: UPDATE PWS-10_as_Wibault 73C1_PFAN_Chaco War_Skinpack
11: Korea
12: HSFX Version 7.03 patch
13: Repaint cockpit PWS-10
14: Hengyang map Quicks by CT
15: P-51A "LYNN" 76th FS, 23rd FG, 14th AF
16: DCG Anglo-Iraqi War 1941
17: Operation PEDESTAL - New Campaign for Fleet Air Arm with WAW-20
18: Data Integrity Tool for DCG v0.25
19: Murmansk Expedition for UP
20: Central China map - Hengyang_v2

Featured Downloads

Featured Skins

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