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M4T Downloads Support
IL-2 1946 Misc IL-2 1946 Skins IL-2 1946 MODS IL-2 Battle Of Stalingrad Misc Sims
M4T also supports the following simulations:
Canvas Knights IL-2 Battle Of Stalingrad IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Rise Of Flight Wings Of Victory

4.13 Missing Skin Pack
Here are the skins that were missing from the v4.13m patch for the Chalchyn Gol 1939 campaign.
Chalchyn Gol 1939 Skinpack

M4T Centre
Latest Files
1: New Guinea Cobras
2: Let's Recover from Spins
3: Bis der Wind Umsprang (Me262)
4: The Eagle and the Sun: New Guinea Nightmare
5: The Eagle and the Sun: Tell it to the Marines
6: Bis der Wind Umsprang (Fw190)
7: Bis der Wind Umsprang (Do335)
8: The Eagle and the Sun: Clash of Carriers
9: The Eagle and the Sun: Never Say Die
10: The Eagle and the Sun: Our Darkest Hour
11: Operation Meridian
12: Romanian Allies Hs-129B-2
13: Romanian Allies Stuka
14: Romanian Allies Bf-109
15: Romanian Allies IAR81c
16: The Eagle and the Sun: Infamy
17: Industrial Style Background
18: Guadalcanal Defense
19: Siggels' Ultimate Everything
20: IL-2 1946 PDF and MS Excel Control Layouts with Default Controls Listed
Latest Skins
1: Czechoslovak DC-2 and DC-3 at the time of World War II
2: A-24_USAAF_8BS3BG_Lt.VirgilSchwab_Port Moresby April 1942
3: 40FS and 41FS New Guinea
4: He-112 Axis HackPak
5: Polikarpov U-2VS as a Marinens Flyvebaatfabrikk M.F.11
6: Pre-war Norwegian Skin Pack 2
7: Pre-war Norwegian Skin Pack 1
8: Heinkel He-111P of the Norwegian Army Air Service
9: Hawker Hurricane Mk I of the Norwegian Army Air Service
10: Boston Mk IIIA - Luftwaffe Desert
11: Tomahawk - Luftwaffe Desert (fixed)
12: MiG-9 - Luftwaffe Summer
13: Polikarpov U-2 VVS skinpack
14: Polikarpov U-2 in RAF service (fictional)
15: UPDATE A-24_USAAF_8BS3BG_Capt.J.J.Sanders_Port Moresby July 1942
16: P-47D-23-RA of the 348th FG, Luzon 44-45
17: Nakajima B5N2 Kate (multinational pack)
18: Civil Jet Yak Hak Pak
19: Czech La-7
20: Czech La-5FN
Latest Files 4 Mods
1: Attack the Bismarck!
2: Morane-Missions
3: Dornier215B
4: Hs126-Poland
5: CUP Installation Guide
6: MiG-17 Modern jet imitation
7: Mig-15 over North Korea
8: Basic Troubleshooting Guide for Mod Plane Installs
9: Export Invaders
10: Ki-44 of the 85th Sentai China 43-45
11: Fortress from Desert
12: Inflight Music
13: Black Scorpion Campaign
14: Basic instruction to begin modding Il-2
15: Martin B10 b0mber
16: Desert Liberators
17: Ship Hunters 2
18: Tigercat Firebombers
19: Ki-43-II-Otsu of the 248thSentai - New Guinea 44 update
20: Ki-61-I Tei & Hei above Okinawa

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Gallery: Top Rated Pictures

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