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Nine Lives 1.2 – Historic Spitfire campaign, Dunkirk and Battle of Britain 1940
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Category !Ultrapack (UP)UP: Campaigns
Submitted by Stratodog
Author's Name
Version 1.2
Compatibility UP 3.0 or DBW or UP 2.01 or UP 2.0
Link to Mods required http://ultrapack.il2war.com/
Fri Feb 26, 2010 6:58 am
Thu Sep 08, 2011 8:59 pm

NOTE: There will soon be an update for DBW1.7, if you use the current version with DBW1.7 the player aircraft will explode at the start of Mission #1. All other missions should work fine.

Fly 36 Missions with 54 Squadron during Dunkirk and the Battle

This Campaign covers all of the air combats of 54 squadron in 1940. 54 was equipped with the Spitfire Mk. I and was heavily involved in the Dunkirk evacuation in May 1940 and the first two stages of the Battle of Britain during July and August 1940.

The missions will ‘Complete’ right after take off so your only goal is to survive and shoot down as many German airplanes as you can.

How many ‘lives’ will it take you to complete the campaign?

During this campaign you will:
Participate in the first dogfight between the Spitfire and the Bf109.
Patrol the besieged beaches at Dunkirk.
Take on Adolf Galland and JG 26.
Fly with the indestructible New Zealand aces Al Deere and Colin Grey.
Defend British shipping convoys during the “Kanalkampf” battles over the Channel.
Fly against the German onslaught on the airfields of the RAF during August 1940.

This is a historic campaign and I did a lot of research. My primary sources were: The Operational Record Book of 54 Squadron, August 1940 and the book “Nine Lives” by Al Deere. There were many other sources as well.

To get this campaign flying you will need: You need Ulrapack 2.0 found here: http://ultrapack.il2war.com/

Skins credits:

Spitfire Mk I – Kristorf
Hurricane Mk I – Kristorf
Bf 109E – CanonUK, Graf, Emel
SBD-3 (used as a substitute for the Miles Master) – Archie

Thanks to HaDeS and all the hardworking gentlemen at Ultrapack, and a special thanks to Kwiatek for his excellent work on the BoB era flight models.

A big thank you also to CanonUK for his monumental English Channel map, it was the inspiration for the creation of this campaign.


Changes to version 1.2
Now compatible with UP3.0 and DBW
Added Fairy Swordfish to May 25 mission
Changed Miles Master substitute aircraft to T-6 Navy Trainer (SNJ)
Adjusted some missions to eliminate 'pop up' aircraft formations
Corrected a couple of spelling errors in briefings
Added Artillery Barrage effect by CY6 to some Dunkirk missions
Added more smoke and fire ground objects to some Dunkirk missions

Member reviews

Review #534: Good by elvisdaking on Fri Jul 29, 2011 10:57 pm

Immediate colision on take off

Just installed the campaign, running UP3.0
After first mission which run perfectly, all other missions start by immediate collision with wingman Rolling Eyes
Any idea to solve this ?
Review #432: Very good by Fish40 on Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:58 pm

Outstanding, But One Small Probem

Enjoying this alot! Beautiful map, immersive missions, but one slight problem. Even though I choose to start at a lower rank as advised, I can't for the life of me keep up with my squadron. After they take off, they pull away quickly. If I pour it on to keep up, my plane overheats! Any tips? Great work once again!
Review #410: Very good by Splitter on Tue Nov 30, 2010 2:04 pm


I am about half way through this great campaign. No glitches thus far.

The variety of missions is good as is the seemingly differing enemy skill levels. The night mission was memorable and the very first mission was a nice concept. Obviously a stunning map!

I took away half a star for enemy fighter groups appearing out of thin air. While I like some surprises in a campaign, having a group of fighters appear (close) in a section of sky I have just scanned is a bit too much. I would also say that a bit more AAA would be in order.

So turn off the aircraft labels and map symbols for a really exciting experience.

One of the good things is that enemy fighters seem to head for home when they should be low on fuel. Even if you end up using all of your ammo, you have a sporting chance of surviving long enough for the 109's to get low on fuel and break off the chase.

Nice, clean briefings. Enough variety to break the monotony of patrol after patrol (hey, that was realistic but still new wrinkles are nice). I find myself flying more whole missions in this campaign than any other before for some reason.

Review #393: Excellent by AngeloEvs on Thu Oct 14, 2010 12:06 am

Great campaign, except.....

9 out of 10 attempts to start a mission end up with a Mission Load error at the point it starts to load Humans - 3DO blah, blah, Mono.Sim not created. I have this problem with any mission using the Channel Map except for the Beta one. I thoroughly enjoy the missions (when they load.. Sad ) and you realise just how tough it was for our boys to get a kill with the MK1 Spit.

I'm off to find out why I get this error so I can continue with the missions in this excellent camopaign!
Review #377: Excellent by stiboo on Sat Sep 11, 2010 5:12 pm

Many thanks for updating

Big thanks for updating this fantastic campaign, I know what trouble and care that involves!

Downloading again NOW !



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