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Polen: 1939 - Fall Weiss - A Single Mission In Three Acts
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Category IL-2 Sturmovik 1946MissionsSingle Player Missions
Submitted by darkfall45
Author's Name
Version 1.0
Compatibility v4.10.1m or higher
PF Standalone No
Historical / Semi Historical Yes
FMB Aircraft (Player) Ju-87B-2, Bf-109E-4 and/or Bf-110G-2
FMB Front Markers (Y/N) Yes
FMB Aircraft (AI) P_11c
Credits read readme
Time Period (ie 1939-45) 1939
FMB Mission Type (Fighter/Ground Attack/Various) Various
Sun Oct 21, 2012 10:54 pm

It is September, 1939 and you are flying for the Luftwaffe...Your mission...defeat Poland and stay alive!

Our retaliation for the Polish aggression of the 31st of August against the Reich is going very well. Our panzers are driving deep into the heart of the Poland. Their archaic view of war leads them only to defeat. Polish resistance is being crushed wherever it is encountered. Our Fighters are sweeping the skies of any Polish fighters that are foolish enough to come up and challenge our 109s, but don't underestimate the skill and courage of the Polish pilots and you'll live to fight another day.

Member reviews

Review #2603: Good by Argy on Wed Dec 05, 2012 6:52 pm

Missing skins spoil an otherwise nice mission.

I've just played Act II, the 109 mission. From the flying perspective, the mission is briefed and set up nicely, with an air start to rush you into the thick of the action. The PZLs are skinned beautifully, making them very hard to spot against the terrain, and are so wriggly and agile that keeping hold of one once you're on its tail is a slippery exercise. This isn't quite as much of a turkey shoot as you might believe.

However, I think there are some missing or disordered skins on the Luftwaffe side. In Act II, at least, your Luftmates wear the default IL-2 skins - not very pretty - which is a shame given that some lovely skins are in the zip for them to wear. It would be nice if the author would correct this. I haven't checked the other missions yet.

All in all? A nice set of missions for a quick flying fix, but lacking finish: the skins need to be fixed.
Review #2583: Excellent by Galland_I44 on Sat Nov 10, 2012 1:34 pm

nice one

I played the Stuka version.
nice one. Plenty of targets but also challenging, nice skins used. keep it up.
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